Javid Jah is a street artist and industrial designer based in Toronto. Developing a studio with projects migrating between public art murals and contemporary architecture, Javid’s practice explores how marginal identities (graffiti, Islam) impact spatial design. 

Recent commissions include the “King of the North” Kawhi Leonard mural (collaboration with @Luvsumone), the Aga Khan Museum Park, and Kennedy Subway Station. Currently, Javid is experimenting with space-making via modified shipping containers, working with Wonder Inc to design temporary and permanent spaces for public and private use.

Javid is also a member of the XYZ Collective - a crew of mural painters based in Toronto. Working closely with Moises Frank aka Luvsumone, XYZ has produced a number of large scale installations locally and internationally, including murals in New York, Baltimore, Miami, Medellin, Bogota and Maracay, Venezuela. In South America, Javid is part of the Khimera Attack Crew (KAC), a collective of international graffiti artists representing Colombia, Brazil, USA, Canada and Switzerland.

CBC News Toronto Interview of Javid for XSITE Nuit Blanche 2019

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