Javid Jah is a street artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. Developing a studio with projects migrating between public art murals and industrial design, Javid is focussed on how graffiti pushes the limits of space making. His painting is influenced by three-dimensional representation, experimenting with the anamorphic in letter and figure. Inspired by Sufism, Javid has been developing a practice that addresses issues facing secularized Muslim communities through the lens of esoteric Islamic art and design. Recent public inter-disciplinary installations include the Dome of Madinah Masjid on Danforth Ave and Stac’d, a multi-container exhibition during Nuit Blanche 2016 at Trinity Bellwoods Park. In 2018, several of Javid’s current projects will be completed, including a 3-storey addition facing Graffiti Alley on Queen St West and a Remote Medical Container Lab in Jamaica, prototyped in conjunction with the University of Michigan and Storstac Container Modification. Currently, Javid is working at Wonder Inc, a multi-disciplinary design office specializing in sustainable modular solutions, such as off-grid micro homes, social housing and laneway residences.

You can find him painting your garage next weekend ;)

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